Snigdha is a Cinematographer and Director, a visual storyteller with a background in Journalism and Advertising who finds the process of communicating through films, liberating. Her work spans from narrative (feature and shorts), music videos to experimental and commercial content. She embraces an original thought, conceptualizes and visualizes it trying to sculpt it into a shot that most excites her in terms of the story, lighting, camera angles, compositions and the style of delivery.

She is known for her work in Shattered beauty that won her best cinematography at Asian American Film Lab. As cinematographer, her feature film Antofagasta, New York is all set to be released in New York and Colombia after a successful run in Chile being included in Chilean film catalog (2017). As Director, her film Vera's Song and Now have won Best International Film and Best Film (Youth) at Pink City International Film Festival respectively along with screening at the reputed Santander Film Festival “Short and Think” in 2015.

She strives to Learn. Collaborate. Create.