Rituals, a pastel dream based on the suggestion that femininity is an action, not a natural physical trait. It is part sugarcoated treat, and part sacrifice. Pastel silk, jiggling pearl-dotted orchids and slow-mo dancing are juxtaposed with close-ups of sticky face masks being peeled, a big toe shaved in the sink and the piercing of a friend’s ear with a pin and apple. There’s nothing natural about it. The main story follows a group of women getting dressed, applying makeup and shaving, just to spend time with each other. The absence of men leaves liberating room to add sweetness on top of sweetness - to the point where it’s sticky. It’s glossy, cute and gross - and it’s not always obvious where the line in between is drawn.

Director & Producer: Lina Michal

D.o.P: Snigdha Kapoor