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White Flags

A new romance begins to spark after a friend sets Him and Her up on a first date, leading to a second, a third, a fourth. Over the course of a few weeks, the spark grows, their connection deepens, and momentum builds leading to an encounter that leaves Her in a state of confusion and shock. White Flags is a study on the complexities of consent, and an unflinching look at modern dating culture.

Writers: Shaunette Renée Wilson & Sean Patrick Higgins

Director: Luke Harlan

Cinematographer: Snigdha Kapoor



Atlanta Short Fest

New York Shorts International Film Festival 

Los Angeles CineFest

Cinequest Film and Creativity Film Festival

Woods Hole Film Festival

307 Film Festival

Montana International Film Festival

Fayetteville Film Festival

Louisville International Festival of Film

IndieWorks - February Screening

New Haven International Film Festival

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